First Advantage background check fail

First Advantage plays a significant role in the background check process, providing services to corporations and organizations all around the world. Those checks are used to help corporations make informed hiring decisions, minimizing any risks and protecting the workplace from potential threats. Our company, RS Attorneys, provides clients with a free consultation on how to resolve issues regarding errors in First Advantage reports, with a guarantee of providing them with help and support while ensuring fairness is not neglected.

What is First Advantage background check?

First Advantage is a process where they gather information to judge whether a person is reliably suitable for some sort of activities or positions in terms of their personal and professional past. These processes include checking credit history, criminal past, and so on.

What companies use First Advantage services?

Many international companies use First Advantage’s background check services for their business; the aim is to guarantee a secure place of work and to ensure that high trust in the employees can be achieved. These are needed in sectors where a high degree of trust and reliability are called for, such as in the financial sector, healthcare, education, and law enforcement agencies.

The use of First Advantage services not only helps in securing the workspace but also reduces the risks associated with employee misconduct, ultimately contributing to a healthy and productive work environment.

How does the background check process work?

  • First, obtaining consent: Conducting a background check is mandatory, and personal data protection legislation make this consent necessary. First, it is also important to obtain written consent from the candidate for being conducted background checks. This consent will act as proof that the candidate has been properly informed about the process and is taking part on his own volition.
  • Information Collection: The first step is the availability of personal information that will be available regarding the candidate. This can include criminal records, employment history, education level, credit history, and other things considered by employers.
  • Data Analysis: It is analyzed based on the employer’s requirements. Some of the analyses carried out include the history of convictions, evidence regarding the qualifications, and prior work experiences of the candidate.
  • Report Preparation: The results of the analysis carried out give a report by First Advantage that is compiled and provided to the employer so that it can make a decision on the possibility of employing the candidate.
  • Feedback to the Candidate: In case information that may be prejudicial to hiring was discovered, the candidate will be given the opportunity to review the report and, if necessary, dispute the content therein.
  • Time Frames: The time taken in the process of the background check may vary depending on several other factors, including the complexity of the information being collected and promptness in receiving data from external sources. On average, this process can last from a few days to several weeks.

Statistical Information about First Advantage background check process

Statistical data on background checks conducted by First Advantage play a key role in understanding their effectiveness and importance for the employment process. Below is a table that summarizes the main statistical indicators related to the background check process.

How long does First Advantage background check take3-5 working days
How far back does First Advantage background check go7-10 years
Percentage of errors in reports< 2%
Improvement of workplace safety after conducting checks85% of companies note improvement
Share of companies using checks to reduce hiring risks80%
Average time to resolve disputes over errors in reports10 working days
Percentage of successfully disputed errors90%

These data emphasize the importance of a thorough and responsible approach to the background check process. While for companies, this is a way to reduce risks and ensure workplace safety, for candidates, it is an opportunity to ensure the accuracy of the information presented about them and to prevent unnecessary delays or obstacles on the way to successful employment.

First Advantage background check status: Common Questions and Problems

  • What to do if an error is found in the report? If you find an error in your background check report, the first step should be to contact First Advantage with a request to dispute. The company provides a dispute process that allows correcting incorrect information. First Advantage is required to respond to your request within a certain time, usually 30 days.
  • Delays in the background check Delays can occur for various reasons, including incomplete or incorrect data provided by the candidate, or delays in obtaining information from third parties, such as universities or courts. In such cases, First Advantage and the employer should notify the candidate of the delay and provide approximate completion times.
  • Failure in the background check Failing a background check does not always mean a refusal of employment. The decision to hire remains with the employer, who can consider the context and circumstances of the discovered facts. It is important to honestly and openly discuss any potential “red flags” with a potential employer before starting the check.
  • How to check the status of your check? Candidates can contact First Advantage or the employer who ordered the check directly to get information about the process’s status. Some companies provide online tools for tracking the status of the check.

How to solve the problem with an error in the FADV background check report by yourself

If errors were discovered during the background check process by First Advantage, it is important to know how to effectively and independently resolve this problem. Here is a step-by-step instruction that will help you dispute incorrect data and achieve their correction:

  1. Get a copy of your report: The first step is to obtain a full copy of your background check report to see which information was incorrect.
  2. Identify errors: Carefully review the report and highlight all inaccuracies or errors. These could be incorrect data on convictions, errors in personal information, wrongly indicated places of work or education.
  3. Collect supporting documents: Prepare documents that can confirm the errors in the report. These can be court decisions, certificates from the workplace or school, credit reports, and other official documents.
  4. Contact First Advantage: Contact First Advantage and officially submit a request to dispute errors. Specify which information, in your opinion, is incorrect, and provide the corresponding supporting documents.
  5. Follow the process: After submitting a dispute request, follow the process of its consideration. First Advantage is required to consider your request within the legally established deadlines – 30 days.
  6. Get a corrected report: After considering your request, the company should provide you with a corrected report. Make sure all errors have been corrected, and request copies of the corrected report for yourself and, if necessary, for your potential employer.
  7. Save documentation: Save all correspondence and documentation related to the dispute process, in case additional questions or problems arise in the future.

Why should you consult a lawyer if your First Advantage background check fail?

Seeking legal advice could be one of the most critical steps if you face a contentious situation or if there are errors in the background check process. Here are several reasons for why you should consider consulting a lawyer:

  • Expert assessment of your situation: A lawyer specializing in labor law or in protecting personal information can give you an expert opinion on your position and determine whether your rights have been violated during the background check process.
  • Assistance in disputing errors: In case you run into problems trying to correct errors on the background check report, then a lawyer can guide you through the required documents, assisting you in filing the application for a dispute.
  • Protection of your rights: If misinformation in the background check report is the reason you’re suffering from the negative consequences of refusal of employment, then a lawyer will represent you to protect your rights and, where necessary, present your case in court.
  • Legal representation: When faced with a complicated or contested situation, having an attorney or representative would greatly increase your chances of winning your case.
  • Professional advice: A lawyer can give you a clearer view of not having similar problems in the future and also how best to protect your personal data.

At RS Attorneys, we offer a free consultation and representation in cases regarding errors in background check reports. Our approach is not to charge for services upfront, but only to receive compensation if your case is successful. We guarantee that each client will receive individual attention and professional support at all stages in resolving their problem.