Every married couple faces complex and diverse issues. Whether you have children, a business, bankruptcy issues or limited assets, our approach to your divorce will be unique to your situation.

  • Contested divorce
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Annulment

Intricate Divorce Proceedings

There are a variety of circumstances which can complicate divorce proceedings. Even when you and your spouse agree to mediation, collaboration, or an uncontested divorce, some circumstances will always require the counsel of a law firm. Cases involving bankruptcy, business owners, stocks, medical practitioners, long distance custody arrangements, or executive professionals may all require legal intervention.

Custody And Support

When it comes to divorce, every aspect of your life will be under scrutiny, we know that when children are involved, they will come first. Our firm handles guardianships, custodianships, child custody, relocations, and visitation matters. We can explain a variety of custody agreement arrangements, the difference between custody and visitation and the impact these agreements will have on child support arrangements.

Divorce with Large Assets at Stake

With experience in a wide array of legal matters including custody, business and bankruptcy, understand the best ways to manage a divorce for business owners. We have handled divorce cases for individuals at all income levels and complex property issues. We work with accountants, financial analysts, and valuation specialists to determine the optimal division of accounts, assets and property.

How does Divorce interplay with Bankruptcy?

Not many family law firms are able to handle cases which involve both divorce and bankruptcy. If you are a bankruptcy debtor who has filed, or plans to file, for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. We will advise you as to when it is best to file, if you should file jointly or separately or if the results of your divorce indicate that you may need to file bankruptcy.

We Strive to Make a Major Transition as Easy as Possible