Credit Counseling

If you are going to file for bankruptcy protection, it is mandatory that you receive credit counseling prior to filing. We can discuss your bankruptcy options and provide you with information regarding credit counseling as well as post-filing financial management courses.

Credit Counseling Is Required for All Bankruptcy Filers

Federal law requires credit counseling for all individuals who seek to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for debt relief. The U.S. Department of Justice has a list of approved credit counseling agencies, and credit counseling must be completed within 180 days before filing for bankruptcy.

Credit counseling is not free and you may be required to pay an enrollment fee, although the fee may be waived if you can show that you are unable to pay. Many credit counseling agencies provide debt management plans, and they may suggest their plans as an alternative to bankruptcy. However, such plans do not offer the legal protection that bankruptcy does.

It is important to retain an experienced attorney before you decide to file for bankruptcy and before you enroll in a credit counseling course. We can also advise you regarding the individual financial management course that is required after you file for bankruptcy.

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