Fedex background check disqualifiers

Verification of Data is a Key Step in Employment at Major Companies Like FedEx. Many job applicants are unaware of how errors in background checks can significantly affect their ability to secure employment. Often, inaccurate information in the report is the reason for rejection, even if the candidate is fully qualified for the position.

Problems RS Attorneys’ Clients Face in FedEx Background Checks

Main Issues:

Incorrect Criminal Data:

  • Outdated information about violations
  • Records of others’ offenses mistakenly attributed to the applicant
  • Missing data on acquittals or dismissed charges

Errors in Personal Data:

  • Incorrect spelling of name or birthdate
  • Inaccurate or outdated residential addresses

Employment History and Education:

  • Incomplete or distorted records of previous workplaces
  • Incorrect information about educational institutions or qualifications

Credit History:

  • Inaccurate data on debts
  • Incorrect information about bankruptcies

The Danger of Errors in FedEx Background Checks

Errors in FedEx background checks pose a significant threat to applicants, as they can lead to disqualification due to false information. Furthermore, the lengthy wait for the check or lack of transparency in the process can cause anxiety and stress. It’s crucial to understand which companies are involved and how to protect your rights.

Statistical Table

Type of ErrorPercentage of Applicants Facing the Problem
Incomplete Information on Criminal Records or Offenses25%
Incorrect Personal Data18%
Outdated Records on Offenses22%
Errors in Employment History Checks15%
Other Errors (Incorrect Credit Data, etc.)20%

As seen in the table, the largest share of problems involves errors related to criminal records and outdated information on offenses, which can directly affect hiring decisions. Careful review of the report and timely correction of errors can help avoid rejection.

What Does FedEx Look for in a Background Check

FedEx carefully screens every applicant to ensure their reliability and adherence to corporate standards. The procedure includes the following types of checks:

FedEx Criminal Background Check:

  • Checking for criminal offenses, including felonies, misdemeanors, and arrests
  • The main focus is on identifying repeat offenders and those who have committed serious crimes

Employment History Verification:

  • Confirmation of data on previous workplaces and positions held
  • Comparison of information with that indicated in the resume

Credit History Check:

  • Assessment of the applicant’s financial stability
  • Analysis of debts and bankruptcy history

Education Verification:

  • Confirmation of educational institutions attended by the candidate
  • Verification of obtained qualifications and degrees

What background check company does FedEx use

To conduct these checks, FedEx engages specialized companies. The primary background check service provider for FedEx is First Advantage. This is an important aspect that allows evaluating the transparency and reliability of the process.

How long does FedEx background check take

  • On average, the check takes 3 to 10 days
  • In some cases, if additional information verification is required, the timeframe may be extended to two weeks

Coverage Period:

  • Usually, the check covers up to 7 years back
  • Under certain conditions (e.g., positions with increased responsibility), a deeper check may be conducted

FedEx Background Check Requirements

FedEx imposes strict requirements on candidates seeking employment with the company. The main criteria for successfully passing the check include:

Clean Credit History:

  • No significant debts or bankruptcy histories
  • Stable financial situation of the candidate

No Serious Crimes or Violations:

  • Absence of criminal offenses related to violence, fraud, or abuse
  • Minor violations that do not affect work ability are not considered disqualifying

Verified Employment History:

  • Confirmed work experience at previous workplaces, consistent with the resume
  • No falsification of data or provision of false information

Accurate Education Information:

  • Confirmation of declared qualifications and degrees
  • Educational level consistent with job requirements

Disqualifying Factors

Certain factors can lead to the disqualification of a candidate. FedEx Background Check Disqualifiers include:

Serious Crimes:

  • Violent crimes (murder, assault, etc.)
  • Fraud, theft, or abuse of official position

Regular Minor Offenses:

  • Frequent arrests for petty theft or disorderly conduct
  • Violations related to driving under the influence

Data Falsification in the Resume:

  • Forging information about workplaces or education
  • Incorrect indication of positions or employment periods

Types of Checks Depending on the FedEx Division

FedEx Hiring Process Background Check

FedEx Express:

  • More thorough checks for positions with increased responsibility
  • Includes an in-depth criminal and credit history check

FedEx Ground:

  • Usually covers the last 7 years in criminal and credit history
  • May include a health check for drivers

How to Check the FedEx Background Check Status

  • Contact a representative of the FedEx HR department or the First Advantage company
  • Inquire via the personal account on the FedEx website or through email

Step-by-Step Guide to Solve the Problem Independently

Errors in the FedEx background check can become a serious obstacle to successful employment. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you solve the problem on your own:

Step 1: Request a Free Copy of the Report

  • Go to and request your free credit report
  • Use your right to receive one free report a year from each of the three main credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion)

Step 2: Assess the Status of the Check

  • Contact the FedEx HR department or a representative of First Advantage to clarify the FedEx background check status
  • Get a copy of the check report to understand the problem

Step 3: Compare the Report with Your Own Data

  • Compare the information in the report with your own records and documents
  • Pay special attention to the following aspects:

Criminal Records and Offenses:

  • Ensure that the report contains accurate information about your criminal history
  • Look for outdated records or those that do not belong to you

Employment History:

Check the correctness of the listed employers, positions, and employment periods

Credit History:

  • Ensure that the credit history reflects your current financial situation
  • If possible, correct inaccuracies in the credit report

Education and Qualifications:

Ensure the accuracy of the listed educational institutions and obtained degrees

Step 4: Prepare a Letter Describing the Error

Write an official letter to the credit bureau or the company conducting the check (e.g., First Advantage) describing the errors.

Include the following information in the letter:

  • Full name and contact details
  • Detailed description of the errors in the report
  • Attach copies of documents confirming the correctness of your data

Sample Letter to a Credit Bureau:

[Your Name and Contact Details] 


[Credit Bureau Name] 

[Credit Bureau Address] 

Subject: Dispute of Incorrect Data in Credit Report 

Dear [Credit Bureau Name], 

I am writing to report errors in my credit report. In particular, the following entries contain inaccurate information: 

1. Record of [description of inaccuracy] 

2. Record of [description of inaccuracy] 

I am attaching copies of documents confirming the correctness of my data and request you correct these entries in my report. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 


[Your Name] 

Send the letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt

Step 5: Report Found Errors to FedEx or First Advantage

  • After sending the letter to the credit bureau, inform the FedEx criminal background check representative or First Advantage about the found errors
  • Attach a copy of the letter sent to the credit bureau and indicate the expected resolution time

Step 6: Give the Credit Bureau 30 Days to Correct the Error

  • After receiving your letter, the credit bureau must investigate and correct the errors within 30 days
  • If the errors are not resolved, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Government Sources and Organizations to Resolve the Problem

Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB):

Following this guide will help you identify and correct errors in the FedEx background check in time.

Typical Questions About the Background Check Process at FedEx

Applicants often ask questions about the background check process at FedEx. Here, we provide answers to the most common ones:

How Far Back Does FedEx Background Check Go

  • FedEx usually checks data for the past 7 years. However, for certain positions with increased responsibility, the check period may be extended.
  • If the applicant is applying for a job in the security department or a managerial position, the check may cover up to 10 years or more.

What Background Check Company Does FedEx Use

  • The main company FedEx uses to conduct background checks is First Advantage.
  • This company specializes in various types of checks, including criminal, credit, and employment history verification.
  • Applicants should be prepared for a thorough review of all aspects of their history.

Does FedEx Do a Background Check

  • Yes, FedEx conducts a thorough check of each candidate’s data.
  • The procedure includes checking for criminal records, assessing credit history, verifying previous workplaces, and confirming qualifications.

What Does FedEx Look For in a Background Check

In a data check, FedEx pays special attention to the following aspects:

Criminal Records:

  • The presence of serious criminal offenses related to violence or fraud
  • Focus on serious crimes and recidivism

Credit History:

  • Stable financial situation and lack of significant debts
  • Check for bankruptcies or large debts

Employment History:

  • Confirmed work experience at previous workplaces
  • No falsification of data in the resume

Education and Qualifications:

  • Credibility of the indicated educational institutions and obtained degrees
  • Verification of official documents

What Happens After FedEx Background Check

  • After completing the data check, FedEx evaluates the report and compares it with the information provided by the candidate
  • If the report does not contain disqualifying factors, the candidate receives a job offer
  • Otherwise, the HR department contacts the candidate for clarification or notifies them of the rejection

FedEx Background Check Misdemeanor

  • Minor offenses (misdemeanors) usually do not lead to the automatic disqualification of a candidate
  • However, frequent minor offenses or repeated misconduct may result in rejection

FedEx Background Check Status

  • The check status can be clarified by contacting a representative of the FedEx HR department or First Advantage
  • The verification process usually takes 3-10 days but can sometimes take up to 2-3 weeks

FedEx Background Check Taking Too Long

If the check takes longer than expected, it may be due to:

Difficulties in Obtaining Data:

  • Obtaining criminal reports from different states or foreign countries
  • Difficulties in verifying foreign educational or work documents

Resume Errors:

  • Incorrect contact information
  • Errors in dates or previous workplace locations

Delays in Checking Credit History:

Errors in the credit report or disputed data may lead to a lengthy investigation process

How Thorough is FedEx Background Check

  • FedEx conducts a thorough check of candidates’ data.
  • The procedure includes a criminal check, credit history analysis, employment verification, and education confirmation.
  • Depending on the position, the depth of the check may vary. For managerial positions, a more thorough check is usually conducted, covering a longer period.

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take

  • FedEx background checks usually take 3 to 10 days.
  • However, in the case of additional checks or difficulties in obtaining data, the timeframes may increase to 2-3 weeks.

These answers will help applicants prepare for the verification process and understand which aspects of their history may affect employment at FedEx.

How RS Attorneys Can Help Correct Report Errors

If you face problems passing the FedEx background check due to errors in the report, the RS Attorneys team is ready to help. We specialize in resolving disputes related to errors in credit reports and background checks by major companies, including FedEx.

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